Curriculum Based on Uncovering the Logic of English

Each and every one of our programs is based on the book Uncovering the Logic of English. In this book, Denise Eide breaks down the complex code of the English language with simple phonograms and spelling rules. After reading Uncovering, you will discover that English is simple and logical!

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Logic of English Curriculum Offers In-Person and Online Tools to Support All Students

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Logic of English is filled with investigative lessons and fun games, so students do not even realize they are "at school!" From emerging readers to struggling readers to advanced readers, our program has been designed to help any student build spelling and vocabulary skills. You can use our curriculum with little or no preparation!

"As a first time home school parent, I was nervous about "doing it wrong". We found Logic of English at the start of our homeschool journey and it was amazing! The script was easy to follow, the games were a hit, and the learning was systematic and clear. I've loved this curriculum every step of the way. My daughter went from not caring to learn how to read to reading way above grade level in about 1.5 years. Wow!"

Allie Berryman