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LOE at Home

Foundations Castle


Ages 4-7

A scripted, open-and-teach program that is filled with fun learning games! Four sequential levels allow you to adjust the pace to meet the needs of your children.

Foundations Castle


Ages 8+

Help your struggling readers and spellers soar! With three levels of instruction to choose from, parents can streamline their homeschool day by teaching multiple ages at one time!

Foundations Castle

Rhythm of Handwriting

All Ages

Teach your children beautiful handwriting with ease! Cursive and manuscript styles available.

Foundations Castle

Sounding Out the Sight Words

All Ages

Find yourself saying, “That’s an exception”? Not sure how the phonics rules apply? Look up how to sound out the sight words. Or teach this lesson by lesson as a supplemental phonics program.

Foundations Castle

Mini Course: Spelling Analysis

Teachers New to Logic of English

Discover how to teach spelling analysis! Three courses guide parents through teaching one-syllable words, multi-syllable words, and words with schwa!

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